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Location: http://www.ctpdrybay.com/household-necessities/sewing-box/
sewing box
We are supplier of all kinds of outdoor products.
Material : PP material
Net weight :0.225kg/pc
Size :26.5*18*4.5cm
IF you want ,you also can make it as medicine box .Or you are a Nail artist,you can use it as Ornaments box.
Customers would be provided with below services if you are interested in our products.
A. Customized order like different cutting sizes, die-cutting designs are all available.
B. Professional recommendations on tape choice for customers.
C. Competitive prices.
D. In time delivery.
E. Quality assurance.
1. Low MOQ
2. OEM service available.
3. Factory sale directly with much competitive price.
4. Good Quality Control. There are 3 times quality checking before delivery.
5. All of the customers’ samples/orders would be recorded and maintained secrecy. Customers can re-order with convenience and satisfactory.
1. Here you will find the most competitive factory price which is almost equal to the actual cost.
2. We will make a strict time schedule for your order to 100% ensures the timely delivery.
3. We can make the tape into the size or shapes as requested.
4. You will be kept updated of the production state during the whole production process.
6. Prompt reply within 12 hours.
7. Custom logo printing is accepted.
·Friendly Tips: If you find our PRODUCTS interested, please fill the below blank space your detailed requirements. SUNTOUR’s team would offer different solutions to you within 12 hour.
Welcome to wholesale the high quality and cheap high quality household sewing machine empty plastic box storage box made in China from Chengtao Plastic. We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of various outdoor products in China, and the customized service is also offered in our factory.China Sewing Box factory
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