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Bio: Name: Shoulder Sling backpack purse
Basic info:
1.) Bag material: 600D polyester AZO free and low Cadmium
2.) Bag size: 32*50*10.5cm.
3.) MOQ:1000pcs per color
4.) Color can choose from offered Pantone number
5.) Much durable bag can be Recycle use
6.) Port: Shanghai Port
7.) Place of Original: Qidong City, Jiangsu Province ,China
8.) Payment term: Will be negotiate before order confirmed

Detailed info:
1.) Front large zipper pocket.
2.) One main compartment with closure
3.) Ear hole on the top side.
4.) Back and shoulder strap is padded
5.) Adjustable shoulder strap

Lead time:
Extra Service:low price Sling Backpack
Sex: Undisclosed