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Bio: Our History
Kocean Materials started from 2009 for microfiber and nonwoven Items, over years’ development, Kocean grew and become more professional for hygiene cleaning , especially for disposable cleaning, we focus on disposable microfiber items and work hard to become one leader company in this industry.
Our Factory
Kocean has an firm awareness about the importance and value of hygiene, that is why we pay more attention for disposable microfiber cleaning which can remove 99% microbes and have great cleaning function.
We created many super disposable microfiber mops/wipes and got high reputation from our clients, now we are also developing some innovative biodegradable mops which would be totally eco-friendly.
Besides our disposable microfiber items, we still continue our re-usable microfiber production with our own designed automatic &half-automatic machines for finished products, as we have a super strong development team. These special machines not only save our labor cost (to make our prices more competetive), but also guarantee our reliable super quality.
We are bearing in mind the company business philosophy “To be your lifetime partner by providing super quality products and excellent service”.
Kocean is also consciously dedicated to create smarter products to keep safe environment.
Our Product
(disposable or reusable) microfiber mops, (disposable or reusable) microfiber towels, nonwoven wipes.

Product Application
Hospital cleaning,home cleaning, industry cleaning, etc. low price Microfiber Strip Mops With Plastic
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