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Bio: Our History
NANTONG XINJIAYUAN TEXTILE CO.,LTD was established in 2010, we always introduced advanced equipments from home and abroad, and we have many talents in technology and management. We have been growing with the constant change of the world. Today we have built up an increasingly internationalized bridge and network by cooperating with more than 30 countries in North America , Europe,Africa and Asia,.
Our Factory
NANTONG XINJIAYUAN TEXTILE CO.,LTD is a modern professional floor cloths manufacturer specialized in producing, sales and services.The factory is located in Rudong, Jiangsu, which is 2 hours drive from Shanghai Pudong Airport, very convenient to reach.We are the biggest manufacturer who exported floor cloths to Cuba.
Our Product
Equipped with 10 production lines in total, Our wide range of products includes Heavy duty floor cloths , Mircofiber cloths, etc. We hope our products will help global customers solve various problems in the field of cleaning
Product Application:Kitchen,Car,Windows,Cleans Without Chemicals, All-Purpose Household Cleaning
Our Certificate
Production Equipment:Automatic needling machines,stitch-bonding machines,binding machines,Computer tricks machines and so on
Production Market:North America 55%,Europe 30% ,Asia 10% ,others 5%
Our Service
It is our pleasure to introduce ourselves to you.XINJIAYUAN upholds "customer respect". We believe that it will take us to fulfill the dream of becoming a "world-class floor cloths enterprise and brand" through ever-refined services.
We keep your trust in mind and always focus on your needs. Being the solid choice of your suppliers is our most important vision.Serving your wholeheartedly is our solemn commitment.Customized Microfiber Cloth For Cleaning Floor
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